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Music News - The International Scene

I am feeling humbled and blessed! At 61 years of age, I never imagined that I would write one song that people want to listen to, and now I have released my first two original songs - "Song of My Heart" (April 2019) and "The Memories Live On" (February 2020). I am currently working on my third original song called "Thy Word in My Heart." I debuted a Live raw cut of "Thy Word in My Heart" in the Symphony of Voices Facebook group on Sunday, 22 March 2020.

I truly stand in awe as my music continues to reach and bless the lives of people of various faiths, beliefs, and walks of life.

I am pleased to announce that the Christian Radio Station "In Jesus' Name," which is based in the Philippines, is planning to create Live streaming for their radio station soon. They will inform me as soon as the Live stream is set up and ready, and I will share that information with everyone so that people can listen in and possibly hear my songs "Song of My Heart" and "The Memories Live On" being played over the airwaves in the Philippines. Can you say, "International"?

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